Pay It Forward, Random Act of Kindness – Whatever You Call It, Let’s Do IT! (via Theycallmejane’s Blog)

My daughter and I were in Lubbock, Texas two weeks ago, registering her for the fall semester in the basement of the college she’s attending. Hitting the PRINT button at the end of the process was the signal for completion, and success in registering. It cost 10 cents to print that final victorious document, so I put a dollar bill in the machine and quickly realized that it functioned like the old school library copiers–not giving your change right away in case you needed more copies. So I left my 90 cents loaded and told the advisor the next nine students’ copies were on me.

I was so surprised by everyone’s surprise!! Their reactions clearly indicated we just don’t do enough random acts of kindness because when we stumble across one, we are so delighted. When I read this post below, I just had to pass it on to you. While I was happy to be a part of surprising a room full of people, this story below reminds us that we often don’t know and could never anticipate the giant impact of a random act of kindness on someone who has crossed our path and is in desperate need.

Pay It Forward, Random Act of Kindness – Whatever You Call It, Let’s Do IT! (We're taking a last minute hurrah before our summer ends. Yes, our children go back to school on August 10th! I will be without a computer for 5 whole days. For the next few posts, I'll share with you some of my favorites. The post below is a great reminder and was originally posted on December 18. I will miss you all! See you when I get back!) By now I'm sure you've heard of the Philly couple that bought a stranger's meal at a diner and for 5 h … Read More

via Theycallmejane's Blog

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