A moment of wonder from Plimouth Plantation Museum. I walked into this tiny cabin, set up to mimic 1629, and this shaft of light was illuminating this oil bottle on the shelf. The sun was coming down the chimney. A few minutes sooner, or a few minutes later, and I would have missed it completely.

Fiber, spinning, and some universal truth.


Journeying towards the Pace of Peace, which just might be found by them that knows the way, and are willing to teach others … to spin.

Spinning has intrigued me since I was little.  Now, not so little, I have time to wonder about it all again, and I have met a marvelous spinner.  Her name is Arabella, and she is generous and kind-hearted. When I discover she spins, I zero in on her.  “You spin?” I ask, hoping that this is an open door. “I want to learn to spin!”

“Oh,” Arabella says to me, “spinning will save your life.  It absolutely saved my daughter’s life.”

Wondering how on earth spinning fiber could act as a life-saving device, I asked her with great curiosity, “HOW did spinning save your daughter’s life? How?”

With great conviction, and dead seriousness in her lively blue eyes, Arabella divulged, “I did not kill her.”

Ah!  This is a remedy I could use!  And so Arabella is teaching me to spin, and it is opening up the world for lots of thoughts on lots of things.  Like the universe spinning, and shedding urban life, and living closer to the items we wear and the food we eat, and who knows what else?

So far, ‘what else’ has included photography, writing, and a new form of spinning — on a potter’s wheel, which has proven to be even more enticing and addicting to me than spinning fiber. The universe is such a curious wonder! I am discovering my place in it.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Aha! And so, it begins….what a wonderful door to a wonder-filled world that has been opened before you! Hallelu !

  2. Great job, Teresa. It is gratifying in this era of political chicanery, to find a soothing meaning to the word spinning. I am impressed with your writing and enthusiasm for and about this new idea (for you). If spinning can lead to peace I might get into it myself. Love, Dad

  3. A whole new world! Has NPR done a story on spinning yet? Love your French maiden name! By all Google accounts, you should be drilling holes in craniums rather than spinning my most favorite of wools, merino.

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