Knowledge is Necessary!

In any artistic endeavor, two things are necessary: knowledge and practice! Working with porcelain is very challenging, as it requires different handling and different techniques than working with stoneware. I am learning these things in Antoinette’s Badenhorst’s online porcelain classes, and her instruction is making a huge difference in my porcelain throwing.

After her last lessons, I was able to throw a larger piece on the wheel than I have ever thrown before — because of understanding some vital basics about working with porcelain. (Her class is actually called “Understanding Porcelain”!)

able to throw after good instruction about porcelain!
able to throw this pitcher form after good instruction about porcelain!

Practice without knowledge just makes me better at doing something badly! Here is the same pitcher with a cup after cleaning up, carving and adding a handle:

carved pitcher and cup
carved pitcher and cup
from the top
from the top


Her class is only half over, and I am very excited about what I might be able to accomplish with more and more practice!

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