Knowledge is Necessary!

In any artistic endeavor, two things are necessary: knowledge and practice! Working with porcelain is very challenging, as it requires different handling and different techniques than working with stoneware. I am learning these things in Antoinette’s Badenhorst’s online porcelain classes, and her instruction is making a huge difference in my porcelain throwing.

After her last lessons, I was able to throw a larger piece on the wheel than I have ever thrown before — because of understanding some vital basics about working with porcelain. (Her class is actually called “Understanding Porcelain”!)

able to throw after good instruction about porcelain!
able to throw this pitcher form after good instruction about porcelain!

Practice without knowledge just makes me better at doing something badly! Here is the same pitcher with a cup after cleaning up, carving and adding a handle:

carved pitcher and cup
carved pitcher and cup
from the top
from the top


Her class is only half over, and I am very excited about what I might be able to accomplish with more and more practice!

My creative mom is celebrating her first anniversary in business!

Hill Country Cottage Gardener

Thirty well wishers showed up at The Cottage to help Barb celebrate Hill Country Cottage Gardener’s first year anniversary.


Didn’t the cake from Pennington’s in San Marcos depict the cottage beautifully?


Claire Day, who works with Barb in the cottage, was the #1 hostess.


The Chamber of Commerce arranged for the ribbon cutting, which was great fun!


Folks chatted & browsed through the gardens, the cottage, and the greenhouse, where the artwork of three participants in an intermediate mosaic workshop was displayed.



It was a great day – I got a little carried away…



Thank you to everyone who participated!!

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I like it, I like it!


If you LIKE it, SHOW it!

Posting a comment on a blog is a BIG commitment, in my opinion. It “puts me out there”…on the WORLD WIDE WEB, and that’s intimidating, for me and for most other people.  Which is why I am so happy WordPress has added the “like” feature at the end of every post. Clicking the LIKE button is much less of a commitment than commenting, while still allowing me the opportunity to support the post and pass positive feedback to the writer.

So look for the LIKE button at the end of every Spinning Universe post, and if you like the post, show it!  To see the “like” button, you have to click on the Post Title and then look to the bottom left of the post.

Pay It Forward, Random Act of Kindness – Whatever You Call It, Let’s Do IT! (via Theycallmejane’s Blog)

My daughter and I were in Lubbock, Texas two weeks ago, registering her for the fall semester in the basement of the college she’s attending. Hitting the PRINT button at the end of the process was the signal for completion, and success in registering. It cost 10 cents to print that final victorious document, so I put a dollar bill in the machine and quickly realized that it functioned like the old school library copiers–not giving your change right away in case you needed more copies. So I left my 90 cents loaded and told the advisor the next nine students’ copies were on me.

I was so surprised by everyone’s surprise!! Their reactions clearly indicated we just don’t do enough random acts of kindness because when we stumble across one, we are so delighted. When I read this post below, I just had to pass it on to you. While I was happy to be a part of surprising a room full of people, this story below reminds us that we often don’t know and could never anticipate the giant impact of a random act of kindness on someone who has crossed our path and is in desperate need.

Pay It Forward, Random Act of Kindness – Whatever You Call It, Let’s Do IT! (We're taking a last minute hurrah before our summer ends. Yes, our children go back to school on August 10th! I will be without a computer for 5 whole days. For the next few posts, I'll share with you some of my favorites. The post below is a great reminder and was originally posted on December 18. I will miss you all! See you when I get back!) By now I'm sure you've heard of the Philly couple that bought a stranger's meal at a diner and for 5 h … Read More

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The Spinning Universe Wants YOU!

Sign Me Up! (via The Spinning Universe’s Blog)
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Visit Lauriezhands on Etsy

My friend Arabella, whose real name is Laurie, has opened an Etsy shop for her lovely handmade and handspun items.  I call her Arabella in this blog (why? because it sounds like a fairy tale! And who doesn’t want to star in their own fairy tale?) is directly responsible for both this blog, and for my spinning wheel–all because she was gracious enough to teach me to spin.  She is a marvelous spinner, a very creative artist, and I cannot wait to see all the things she puts up in her Etsy shop.

Monday Mosaic: Wooly Things (via Tesseract Cloth)

Look at this fabulous mosaic of all things wooly! Lovely photos from another blog…..I hope you enjoy them! I especially like the wool mummy.

Monday Mosaic: Wooly Things In honor of the trip to Lambtown this weeks mosaic is about wool things, enjoy: 1. Spring Lamb – 2007 BBC Countryfile competition winner., 2. Spinning wool, 3. Lambtown Wood Carving, 4. Wool, 5. Spindlewood Co drop spindle, 6. Sheep Shearing, 7. Alpaca (Vicugna pacos), 8. Hand Dyed Roving, 9. And then she pricked her finger, 10. 300507 newborn, 11. wool mummy, 12. Color Blend Skeins … Read More

via Tesseract Cloth

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