Monday Mosaic: Wooly Things (via Tesseract Cloth)

Look at this fabulous mosaic of all things wooly! Lovely photos from another blog…..I hope you enjoy them! I especially like the wool mummy.

Monday Mosaic: Wooly Things In honor of the trip to Lambtown this weeks mosaic is about wool things, enjoy: 1. Spring Lamb – 2007 BBC Countryfile competition winner., 2. Spinning wool, 3. Lambtown Wood Carving, 4. Wool, 5. Spindlewood Co drop spindle, 6. Sheep Shearing, 7. Alpaca (Vicugna pacos), 8. Hand Dyed Roving, 9. And then she pricked her finger, 10. 300507 newborn, 11. wool mummy, 12. Color Blend Skeins … Read More

via Tesseract Cloth

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