Search Engine Anxiety provides great blog stats for every blog owner–we can see how many people come to the pages, and sometimes where they come from, like a search engine page.  Today, one of my visitors had come through a search page, so I clicked on it out of curiosity to see where my blog landed in the search–you know, how many pages deep did the person have to search before clicking on The Spinning Universe?

By the time I got to page 10, I thought, wow, this person was really persistent. I didn’t think most people looked past the first 2-3 pages. I usually don’t. By the time I got to page 20, I thought I had somehow dropped off the search and was never going to come to my blog. In the meantime, I had gotten interested in the many creative blog and website names that spinners and knitters had come up with, so I went to page 45, jotting down funny and interesting domain names, before I finally stopped. I was disappointed, thinking I’d show up at least before page 45.

I clicked back to page 1, wondering what great domain names I had missed before I started noticing them on page 20. What do you know, halfway down page 1 — The Spinning Universe Blog.  I had totally missed it, assuming first page status was completely out of the question.

We write and post, saying it doesn’t really matter if you read it because our joy is in the creative expression, not in whether anyone sees it. So now you know that’s a big fat lie! We LOVE it when you read our blogs!!!!!  (we being any blog writer)

Great names I came across as I searched for my own blog:

If MonChere were to start a blog, she’d call it I smell yarn….

One thought on “Search Engine Anxiety

  1. You have just saved me days…. and created homework that I’ll jump on — right after spinning!

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