Visit Lauriezhands on Etsy

My friend Arabella, whose real name is Laurie, has opened an Etsy shop for her lovely handmade and handspun items.  I call her Arabella in this blog (why? because it sounds like a fairy tale! And who doesn’t want to star in their own fairy tale?) is directly responsible for both this blog, and for my spinning wheel–all because she was gracious enough to teach me to spin.  She is a marvelous spinner, a very creative artist, and I cannot wait to see all the things she puts up in her Etsy shop.

2 thoughts on “Visit Lauriezhands on Etsy

  1. I must say that you’ve done an exquisite job fashioning the fairy tale, andit’s a lovely, lovely Etsy banner you made for her! Arabella is quite fortunate to have you, and elated, I’m sure !!

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