Spinning is an Act of Creation

Everything in our universe spins, from the tiniest of atoms to the mightiest of planets. Everything spins. Is this why there is so much peace to be found in spinning wool into yarn? In the act of spinning, are we emulating the Almighty’s act of creating and sustaining?

The Lord is my Shepherd
They know something we don't.

3 thoughts on “Spinning is an Act of Creation

  1. Ooo, I like this! It has set me to thinking of all of the other ways we make things that involve spinning… stirring mixtures (bread, cakes, soups), turning bowls, spindles, candle sticks (on a lathe that spins), throwing clay for cups, plates, pitchers (on a spinning potter’s wheel), and what makes dancing such fun? the turn, spin, twirl, swing! And notice that we make many other things but the bare necessities are made by spinning something. Wow.

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