History Has Been Woven by a Stick — The Astonishing Drop Spindle

As mentioned in the previous post, I am completely flabbergasted by the importance of the drop spindle in over 10,000 years of human history.  The spindle was the only tool for spinning threads and yarns to make everything on earth ever made from fabric or cloth, up until recent history (read more here about the history of the spinning wheel).

WOW! This is the tool that spun the world!

Here is a picture of a drop spindle and some beautifully dyed bamboo yarn that MonChere purchased as her first experiment into spinning.

She spun amazingly well, as I’ve hear that bamboo is not easily spun!

But now you can see how basic and simple the spindle is, and if you weren’t flabbergasted before, I hope you are now.  Otherwise, you might be completely overtaken with the mundane-ness of buying your clothing at the store and need a shake up. Or you might be dead.

MonChere gave the unspun bamboo to Arabella to spin on her wheel, and here is the delightful result (Arabella is quite the spinner).

8 thoughts on “History Has Been Woven by a Stick — The Astonishing Drop Spindle

  1. Spinning is art. Art is, at its most beautiful, best, intrinsic essence, three things:
    1. useful
    2. metaphorical
    3. a reflection of God

    When useful, art stops being a thing to view, and begins to be a part of us.
    When metaphorical, art is both the thing at hand, and a representation of greater things.
    When a reflection of God, it is a humble desire to be more like Him. He is, after all, the Creator; the Artist.

    I too, am flabbergasted.

  2. Well, I am flabbergasted by Angus. Ooooh, and Aaaaah, to be a vessel of creative thought and a spinner of words. Welcome, indeed!

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