You Don’t See That Everyday!

I returned from a trip to Boston last night, and as I waited outside the terminal for my daughter to pick me up, I took out some knitting I had carried with me.

A mid-forties’ man walked by me and did a double-take.  A huge grin spread over his face, and he said, “Now, that’s something you don’t see every day!” He nodded in my direction, and went on.  He’s right, I thought.  You really don’t see people with handcrafts in public much. Which of course got me thinking about a time when making your own garments was the only means you had of staying clothed.  Now that’s a motivator!

One thought on “You Don’t See That Everyday!

  1. Sweet! I LOVE making people smile by knitting in publc. Mostly, they can’t tear their eyes away, and I’ve become comfortable with that. 🙂

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