First Yarns Put to Use!

MonChere came over for a visit the other night, and began knitting up the reddish yarn I had spun recently.

"I need an identity!"

I am so glad!  This yarn needed to be made into something. It made me feel obligated, like I was somehow failing the yarn by not giving it an identity as a finished project. MonChere solved the problem.

I think we’re onto something here. I spin and spin, and then feel obligated to the yarn I’ve spun, having no clue what to turn it into. She has no interest in spinning, and sees finished items in the yarn, like Michelangelo and his stone.


Here’s a picture of the front of the bag–as far as she got during our visit.

One thought on “First Yarns Put to Use!

  1. How LOVELY!! What a sweet friend to help relieve the misery of yarn obligation….
    Word to the wise: We shall learn to allow yarn to “live and let live.” Occasionally, yarn doesn’t reveal it’s destiny for a season.

    Ahaa! Such, is the conviction of true yarn junkies.

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