On the Wheel: Heathered Silk (via SpaceCadet Creations)

WordPress.com has a new fun tool!!  It’s called the ReBlog–and this allows me to repost on my blog something I love on someone else’s blog….like this……ooooohhhhh, lovely, lovely silk, handspun by SpaceCadet…..I am still a beginner, a spinner-in-training-using-simple-wool, but one day I hope to graduate to this sort of beautiful silk! This post is from her blog, SPACECADET CREATIONS:

On the Wheel: Heathered Silk Beautiful sunshine and a lovely warm day, I sat in the dappled shade of the trees and spun silk into heathered shades of blue, green, and purple. Just before I finished and came in, the wind picked up and the skies transformed from blazing and blue to an angry dark grey.  A summer thunderstorm rolled in, and then ended as quickly as it started, leaving everything drenched but fresh again.  Perfect! … Read More

via SpaceCadet Creations

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