Views Top 1,005!

Thank you, thank you! Today my statistical charts tell me that this blog has been viewed 1,005 times since I started it a mere 10 weeks ago. It is very gratifying to know that you all find these random thoughts interesting enough to keep coming back. Who knows what we’ll uncover!

My daughter Ginny took this photo at Young Life Camp in Colorado

6 thoughts on “Views Top 1,005!

  1. What a picture of Life. Hmmmm, a storm rests on top of the rainbow, as though the Promise of God is protecting the earth from the dark, heavy cloud. I really love that photo!!!!

  2. Tre, congratulations! Ginny, be sure to bring your camera when you come visit…


    1. ****loud cheering**** balloons dropping ***** parade passing by****

      Mom, you have written the 100th comment on the blog!! I shall award you some sort of prize….I don’t know what yet, but being the 100th comment deserves SOMETHING!!!

  3. Ooo, Teresa, send Mom handspun yarn! And what will you do for me… the 101st! Truly life can be most difficult at times but isn’t our great God so kind that, as Ginny’s shot shows, there is beauty, beauty everywhere, to soothe and reassure us that there are higher things going on here.

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